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Do you want to speak with someone who truly listens, engages with you, and can help you with ongoing struggles or conflicts?

Family can give advice when you’re not wanting it. Friends and partners may tire of hearing about your struggles.

Therapy is different. I’m a trained listener. We can take as long as you need to get to a better, happier place.

I counsel, educate and provide supportive therapy for adults who...

Individual Therapy - 60 Minute
  • have anxiety, worry or sadness that impacts their quality of living

  • put others’ needs before their own (and later resent them for it)

  • have issues from their past that affect their current relationships

  • keep dating (or marrying) ‘the wrong person’

  • want tools to help improve their relationships (either alone or with their partner)

  • have pain related to trauma, difficulty parenting, or managing their moods and reactions to others

  • need help maintaining their sobriety from alcohol and drugs

I can also help you...

  • express your thoughts and feelings…even the ones you don’t like

  • set and keep boundaries…learn to say ‘no’, and feel good about it

  • minimize your reactions to what others say and do process and let go of a painful past

  • establish your priorities and find time for yourself let go of the need to have things just right and be perfect

To learn more about how therapy and its ability to help you to form and maintain healthy relationships, heal from your past, increase your self-esteem and feel whole again, call or email me. I would like to help you move through these issues, and begin living the life you dreamed of having.

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