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Does your teen suddenly seem angry, sad, withdrawn or depressed?

Have they started being disrespectful to you, their teachers or others?

Have you tried everything you can think of, but things haven't changed?

I understand, and believe I can help. Being a child or teen can be tough. Parenting them can be hard, too!

Teen Therapy

Life events that often trigger emotional and behavioral problems in teens are...

  • a change in the family structure, after a breakup, separation, divorce or death

  • suddenly being raised by a single parent or grandparent

  • one of the parents out of the home stops contacting calls, no FaceTime or Skype, no letters, texts and email, and, worse, no visiting

  • the death of a family member, foster or adopted parent or sibling, or a close neighbor they have known since they were little

  • their teacher quitting or retiring

  • financial stressors (cutting back on eating out, buying games, music, videos, clothes and shoes

  • relocating (causing them to miss their school, the teachers and their friends)

  • peer pressure to fit in or engage in risky behaviors

  • being bullied or being a bully

  • violence at school and in the community

  • confusion or shame about gender or sexual identity issues

Your child might have stopped opening up to you because they didn't want to worry you, or feared they'd be in trouble or punished. I understand. I specialize in helping teens and their parents through challenging times.

When kids start ...

  • lying
  • stealing

  • ditching classes

  • losing good grades, failing classes

  • cheating on classwork

  • lashing out

  • disrespecting authority

  • isolating in their bedrooms

  • hurting themselves

  • hurting others physically or emotionally

  • lacking empathy for others

  • not caring how their words and behaviors impact others

  • believing that no one loves them

  • has no friends

  • is hanging with the wrong crowd

  • smoking, getting high, using alcohol or drugs

  • feeling suicidal (If he or she is suicidal, call 911)

... they need professional help.

I'll take the time to see what's really going on, develop a trusting relationship, and and provide them with useful tools to better express themselves instead of acting out or shutting down.

Deep down, your teen wants to make you proud and not be on your last nerve. They are just stuck in a negative emotional place right now, and need help healing, learning how to communicate, setting boundaries, saying no to bad influences, reconnecting with you and your family, and getting back on track.

I bring years of experience helping teens, parents and families just like yours. I especially like the challenge of counseling teen boys, who are thought of as the “toughest clients”, with good results.

I'll give you, the parent, lots of support, and helpful, current, parenting tools.

Why wait? Call or email me today to get started!

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