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Are you committed to making your relationship work, but feel stuck?

Do you --

  • have the same discussions (or arguments) over and over, with no positive outcome

  • either ‘give in’ or ‘refuse to negotiate’ on important issues such as money, parenting, time together (and apart), sex and intimacy

  • spend more time at work, with your kids, friends, or colleagues than with each other, creating mistrust, doubt, suspicion, hurt feelings, or resentment

  • feel the social pressures to be ‘the happy couple’ (when that’s really not the case)

If so, I’d like to help.

Couples Therapy - 60 Minute

You might benefit from couples therapy. If you are open to learning new tools and make some permanent changes, you may be ready.


Men want their wives or partners to be happy and fulfilled, even if they don’t say it. Women want their husbands or partners to be happy and fulfilled, even if it’s hard to notice. However, when “the honeymoon phase is over”, real life issues impact how we...

  • communicate

  • share time with family and friends

  • maintain our identity and independence

  • manage our finances

  • share duties, responsibilities, and power

  • react to each other

  • revert to old, ineffective habits

  • respond to each other based on old wounds or past hurts


If you are committed to making your relationship work, want the frustration to end and the chance for fulfillment to begin, call or email me and we can get started. We'll work together, in a confidential setting, to get your relationship back on track.

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