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Major losses can turn your world upside down.

Maybe you are going through a breakup or divorce.

Maybe you are grieving a loved one who passed away.

Maybe a friend severed ties with you, or you with them.

Perhaps you are you "in limbo", not knowing if you will lose a loved one.

Individual Therapy - 60 Minute

Losses can bring much confusion...

Anticipatory losses

  • They can be real: He said that we're going to break up.

  • They can be fear-based: I've upset him, and know he’ll leave me!

Limbo losses

  • When is my dad coming home from the war? Will someone shoot him?

  • When will the doctors know if the chemotherapy is working?

  • Are we a couple, or aren’t we? When will you make up your mind?

Actual losses

  • We’re divorced.

  • They left for good.

  • They moved.

  • They're never coming back.

  • They died.

Compounded Loss

Common reactions to multiple losses are...

  • I'm already grieving one loss, and am feeling so fragile. And now another loss!

  • I'm afraid I'll be losing everything and everyone! Nothing stays the same!

  • I know that we all will die one day. But I didn’t think it would be in a month!

  • I thought “they all go in threes”. Why are we up to five?

  • Enough! I cannot take losing one more person.


You may be grieving...

  • your health, as you knew it

  • your trust in others

  • your innocence, after being hurt or abused

  • your youth

  • your independence

  • your job or career

  • your dreams for your future

These are all major life events and losses that trigger anxiety, depression and unrelenting grief. You may be feeling disoriented, confused, like it's not real, and that your life isn't making any sense.

I understand grief and loss, and know the tools to help you heal--in a safe, confidential setting. Let's explore your thoughts, feelings, hopes and worries. I invite you to call or email me to get started on the process of healing and finding peace.

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