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Are constant worrying, second-guessing yourself, fear of making a mistake, or worry that you’re going to do or say something dumb or embarrassing, interrupting your life?

Do you cancel plans because you become overwhelmed with anxiety, and then feel guilty later on for not going?

Are non-stop thoughts about problems or fears, night after night, robbing you of a good night’s sleep? Have you started taking sleeping pills to sleep through the night?

Individual Therapy - 60 Minute

Chronic anxiety, coupled with a lack of sleep, can cause you to be highly agitated, depressed, forgetful, to miss deadlines, or be late to work. It can hinder your decision-making, and cause you to second-guess yourself, on big or even the smallest decisions, like what movie to see or what you want to eat for dinner.

Not everyone knows why they have anxiety. To some, it seems to come out of nowhere. If you are stumped at the cause of your anxiety, you must be feeling so frustrated, and maybe even a bit helpless.

Managing anxiety is challenging, especially if you’re relying on willpower, medication, alcohol, or drugs to calm your nerves or get some sleep.

Let’s try something different. Individual therapy, coupled with tools like DBT and EMDR, works to create lasting change.

Anxiety can seep into all areas of your life, particularly in relationships, parenting, college, and work. It can be a tough beast to tame. But, there’s good news: Anxiety, generalized anxiety, social anxiety and panic disorder are highly treatable!

Most people don’t understand why others are so anxious. I do! I have helped many clients manage (and often conquer) their anxiety, chronic rumination and worry, and help them find their confident self, and feel better about themselves and their decisions.

I offer support in a warm, confidential, and safe environment. I’ll focus on your strengths, not your “weaknesses”. I’ll help solve what might be triggering the attacks, and provide tools and a game plan to conquer them. Why have one more anxious or panic-filled day?


Call or email me today to get started!


Are you experiencing profound and persistent sadness, crying spells, insomnia, or sleeping too much, or, a loss of appetite or overeating, agitation or anger?

Have you lost interest in work, and being with family and friends?

Are you isolating yourself from others?

Do you have defeatist thoughts like, “Why try? No one cares! Nothing helps. Nothing’s changing! It’s no use!”

Individual Therapy - 60 Minute
1 hr

Have you been feeling misunderstood, alone, helpless, and perhaps wanting to take off?

Are you feeling suicidal? (If you are having strong thoughts and are devising a plan to end your life, please call 911.)

Are you worried that you’re “crazy” or “mental” or that others may think you are?

If you’ve answered YES! to any of these questions, you may be experiencing Major Depression, also know as Major Depressive Disorder.

You’re not alone. More than 3 million people in the US experience depression every year.

Your depression may have been caused by…

  • stressful life events

  • a divorce

  • conflict with family or friends

  • the loss of a loved one. You may be deep in grief.

Perhaps your job or boss may be so demanding, that you are too afraid or financially strapped to quit, but know that it’s not a good fit for you. Working in a non-supportive, grueling, or emotionally toxic work environment can be hazardous to your health. The persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest that comes with major depression often leads to a range of emotional and physical conditions: They include...

  • the inability to sleep, or sleeping all the time

  • difficulty concentrating on tasks

  • marked forgetfulness

  • overwhelm

  • loss of appetite, or overeating

  • a reduced energy level

  • isolation and loneliness

  • helplessness and hopelessness

  • thoughts of suicide

(If you are having strong thoughts and are devising a plan to end your life, please call 911.)

Treatment of your depression includes talk therapy and (possibly) an evaluation by a psychiatrist to see if medication may help to reduce or alleviate your symptoms. Medications that act on the chemical imbalance in the brain are also useful treatments for major depression.

So, the good news is, depression is treatable.

Some clients’ symptoms lift, and they have no further episodes. Others may return to their “usual selves”, and may have another episode in their future. Some who have a history of trauma or abuse may need more frequent sessions for a longer period of time. Everyone is unique.

I have helped many clients manage and alleviate depression. I’ve also helped women whose moods drastically changed with hormonal, menstrual and seasonal changes. I think I can help you, too.

Depression has already taken a big chunk of your life. Why wait for relief toughing it out on your own? Call me or email me to get started. I’d like to help you turn things around and create better days ahead.

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